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New Construction Roofing in Crosby, TX

When completing any new construction project, your roof is a serious consideration you’ll need to make. For any Crosby, TX new construction, your roof will add to the aesthetic and functional value of your property, so it’s decision not to be made lightly. Our Crosby, TX Gulf-Tex Roofing Services professionals are here to walk you through the entire new construction roofing process to ensure all the decisions you’re making are the right ones.

Make The Right Roofing Decisions For A New Construction Project You Can Be Proud Of

Without a roof you can depend on, your new construction home, commercial building, or other structure isn’t truly built to last. Your roof is tasked with doing much of the legwork to protect your structure from the elements, and particular care should be taken when choosing your roofing materials and having your new roof installed. Our Gulf-Tex Roofing Services professionals in Crosby, TX are skilled and experienced in all new construction roofing projects, aiding you in making sure you have a roof you can be proud of each step of the way.

We’ll begin to work with you from your first Gulf-Tex Roofing Services consultation for a new construction roofing project. We’ll walk you through the various roofing materials you may wish to choose for your new construction project, along with the pros and cons of every choice. We will make sure your new roof goes perfectly with your Crosby, TX construction project.

As we install your roof, you’ll begin to see your new construction project really coming together, and our professionals can walk you through the entire process for a completely confident experience every step of the way.

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    Send us an invitation/RFP to bid with a link to the plan room.

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    Our estimators will review Division 7 and roof plans to put together an estimate based on drawing specifics. All systems will meet local building codes and requirements.

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    Submit bid

    We will submit a bid by the submission deadline that meets all requirements specified in the bid documents.

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    Start project

    Once an agreement has been reached on all of the roofing specifics, Gulf-Tex operations team will meet on site to review all of the logistics and dynamics of performing the job.

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