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Preventative Maintenance in Crosby, TX

Preventative maintenance in Crosby, TX ensures that no small roofing problem turns into a major roofing repair. With preventative maintenance, property owners are able to prolong the life of their roof by an average of 10 to 20%. Our professionals come to you to inspect your roof and carry out any maintenance work required on a semi-annual, annual, or more regular basis as you may need.

Keep Small Roofing Problems From Growing Out Of Control On Your Crosby, TX Property

When an issue is allowed to go unchecked, what is likeliest to happen? The issue likely won’t resolve itself, and it’ll instead grow larger, more severe, or more damaging as time goes on. With roofing, this could mean risking damage from a leak or serious roofing malfunction when preventative maintenance to your roof is avoided.

Our Crosby, TX roofing technicians carry out preventative maintenance on your area roof to take care of any minor issues before they are allowed to turn into larger ones. Your roof will be fully inspected, debris will be removed, the roof will be low-pressure cleaned, and any minor repairs made to ensure your roof remains structurally sound.

Should any larger issues be found during your regular preventative maintenance, our technicians will inform you about the problem and walk you through what steps should be taken next. We strive to provide a transparent and confident experience in all roofing services we provide.

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How It Works

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    Schedule a visit

    Schedule an inspection date and time for your desired location.
    *Let us know if there are any special access requirements.*

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    Meet with our technician

    Our technician will visit the site at the selected time & date and perform a detailed roof survey, so we can understand the roof’s current condition and performance. We will provide an offering for Preventative Maintenance based on the inspection data collected during the site visit.

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    Preventative maintenance carried out

    Perform preventative maintenance. We will document and photograph all findings and small repairs made.
    *** Gulf-Tex recommends a semi-annual PM program. Once in the spring before the start of hurricane season, and once in the fall before cold front rains start. ***

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